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June 2017 Chongqing Volvo Bumper Paint Line Project Completed and Delivered Successfully

In June 2017, the paint line designed and manufactured by JJM for BMPT was successfully put into production. The paint line was specially built to support the OEM of Volvo Car. The design and construction reached the international advanced level. The first batch Off-line products have successfully passed the North Rhode Island International Testing Center of Germany testing and certification.

The production line was officially mass-produced on November 15, 2017 VOLVO bumper products, as of November VOLVO products pass rate of 70% or more, the average total passing rate of 83%, skid efficiency of 92%.

The paint line design and manufacture and installation fully reflects the company in the field of bumper paint coating equipment, technical strength and ability to design more advanced:

1. Automated production rate of more than 95%, from the beginning of the product pre-treatment to the end of the spray drying the entire process of the entire process of automatic control, reduce staffing and equipment utilization, to ensure product quality and improve product pass rate;

2. Adopt international advanced paint system and automatic manipulator spraying system, the product spraying effect is more stable and reliable;

3. Full use of circulating air system to increase the efficiency of paint mist collection and treatment, making the paint line emissions to meet environmental requirements;

4. Tilt-type high-frequency vibration automatically shake off the drops, the pre-treatment effect is more prominent;

5. The use of upper and lower parts of the automatic price increase skid, fully reflect the human-computer interaction, convenient personnel to operate and improve the efficiency of the upper and lower pieces.

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